Welcome to Retro Reaction #59.0 The USA Comedy set

Welcome to Retro Reaction. This set we look at two types of American comedy. The Sitcoms and the Animated sitcoms. Some of these are still going (because American TV seems to run noticeably longer then their UK counterparts.) and some of them have deviated a lot from their original premise. So were going back to the very first episodes. Here’s what’s coming up on Reaction.

Big Bang Theory 2007 – Here’s a show that is still huge all over the world. We go back to the very first episode and have a look at the pilot episode that was quite different. It’s also hard to believe that this was 10 years ago.

How I Met Your Mother 2005 – This one came before the Big Bang Theory, and I admit is one I’m catching up on now. We go back to 2005 and look at the pilot episode.

Modern Family 2009 – Kid of America’s answer to the likes of My Family and 2.4 Children. A fun family comedy with one of those “fly on the wall” settings. We take it back to the very first episode.

The Simpsons 1989 – Simpsons Roasting on an open Fire. The first of our look at the animated US comedies and the longest running one. This episode first ran in 1989, this series has enjoyed many highs and lows since that December night.

South Park 1997 – In the era of TV attitude South Park tore up the rule book in both the way it looked and the humour and language. I admit to crying with laughter at some of these, and I don’t laugh like that at anything. Not sure what that says about this Analyst. Again, we look back at the start.

Family Guy 1999 – In 1999 Family Guy took what South Park and the Simsons were doing and produced it’s own brand of humour that was.. Different to both