Welcome to Turning 30


(The Analyst on the left)

This year is a landmark year. Because soon I will have been an inhabitant on this planet for Thirty Years! That’s over a quarter century.

So it’s a time for reflection. To look back at all I have achieved…..

OK so that was depressing.

(Analyst Middle Row 2nd, 2nd person – Drew El Same row 5th Person)

So myself and Drew-El made a conscious decision to grow old distastefully and made our lists. Things we would like to do at 30. I say AT because some of them are going to be after birthdays.

I turn 30 on the 15th June this year, Drew-El turns 30 on 5th August.

We were once two sad b@$tards  in the same class at primary school.

Then secondary school,

Then College,

Then the same office…..

I have to say we are two exciting, interesting individuals.

We don’t do clubbing, in fact we don’t do drink at all.

I the Analyst spend a lot of time playing with technology. Computers, Raspberry Pi’s etc. And Writing both here and the Hiding From Seagulls Children’s book. Along with losing his (my) mind and writing about myself in the third person.

Drew-El spends his time between his voluntary work and desperately trying to woo the opposite sex. The results are not always positive but they are always interesting.

(Drew-El Center in case you wondered)

And now we turn 30.

This is the blog of a mid life crisis.

Turning 30 could be the greatest thing to ever happen,

It could be just the start.

Things could be great, or they could get worse, or they could just stay the same!

Over the coming months myself and Drew-El will be posting here our thoughts on turning 30 and our “to do” lists.

Sit back and enjoy!

As Beware The Spaceman Presents

Turning 30