When is Freeview not free?

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When is Freeview not Free?


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Freeview may no longer be free for more than 2 million people due to a new 4G mobile network interfering with the signal.


Worse still if your TV is effected the government believe it should be you the TV watching license paying viewer that pays the price. Those effected will need a filter. The costs of the filter and engineering works could go upto £212 for nonstandard installations (ie flats). This is much more than the standard yearly cost of Pay TV.


As it stands right now the BBC a service that support Freeview have voiced their concerns.


This all comes weeks before Lord Sugar reveals his (long delayed) Youview service. A box combining IPTV with the Freeview service. The 4G interference difficulties couldn’t have come at a worse time….

Which all in all seems very convenient doesn’t it….