Retro Reaction #40.6 When the TV Characters Danced

  Adam West. The greatest Batman off all time – (more on that next set) once asked.. Why doesn’t Batman dance anymore? It’s a fair question. The Batsui became legendary in the 60s (it features in the First Bat story of the 60s Bat Series). A great introduction to this series tone of comedy, and when you think about it not the last time a cult character had a bit of a dance. I’m not talking about the serious “musical episode” ala Buffy here. I’m talking proper ridicules full on dancing. Back to Sheffield Comic Con 2016 and I am watching some guys dressed as Doctor’s dancing to “1000 miles” by the Proclaimers. It’s brilliant how has the doctor not done this before. In fact this section of fun cosplayers entertainment was actually as much fun as the guest talks!     The first that came to mind is that novelty song.. Star Trekkin Across the universe. I have never watched an episode of Star Treck but loved the recognisable catch praises and the upbeat yet annoying nature of the song. A fine example of taking geek culture and having some fun with it. The song writer for Doctor in distress “It was an absolute balls-up fiasco. It was pathetic and bad and stupid. It tried to tell the Doctor Who history in an awful high-energy song. It almost ruined me.” A not so successful example was the Doctor in distress. Coming around the rumoured cancellation 6th Doctor Colin Barker was involved in. Colin also hated it. Personally though I didn’t mind the Doctorin the Tardis as a good old fashioned novelty.

With the DC TV Universe threatening musical episodes (Between Flash and Supergirl… Can’t see the Arrow being involved there somehow) Perhaps.. as that 60s Bat series used to say. The Best is Yet to come?

Yes these songs are very silly but perhaps they also come as a welcome reminder. Perhaps we are taking these TV shows to seriously. Every now and again… Batman Should Dance!

  Until next time Have a great Dayyyyyyy!!!!!!!