Where is Beware The Batman?

Beware The Batman is a bit of a Marmite program. 

It follows Batman and sidekick Katana against lesser known Bat villains. Yes it has gotten a lot wrong. But also in my estimation a lot right and it is at least a fresh taker on the Dark Knight.


If you can ignore the sometimes slightly dodgy CGI the series is similar in tone to the 1990s Batman series. That is meant as high praise. Yet in October last year Cartoon Network of the US pulled the show mid season and mid storyline. The network promised the shows return in January this year but January came and went.. 


Then this month Cartoon Network announced their yearly line up. No mention of Beware the Batman or indeed any other new DC content.

2 New episodes were released through the DVD for Season 1 part 1 entitled Shadows of Gotham 

TVNZ in New Zealand are airing new episodes domestically. 

But the future of the show seems very much uncertain.