Why Total Divas was very good for business

By all accounts Total Divas shouldn’t work.



WWE and wrestling is usually a male dominated area. The performers are predominately male, the audience are usually male. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our facebook likes wrestling is a male soap opera. Which is why a show featuring predominately female’s on the female focused network E was a risk. Turned out it was probably just what the product needed.


The Diva’s have been on WWE TV for many years now. Usually in eye candy contests lasting less than ten minutes or by occupying one of the male wrestlers to the ring. Largely there work is a minor act in the three ring circus that is WWE entertainment. Watch shows like WWE Main Event and WWE Superstars and you will very often see the ladies matches chucked in.


So what made Total Divas work?

I think it was the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the WWE conglomerate. (Yes I did watch it despite not being in the target audience.) Yes I suspect that some elements were staged or “acted” but I suspect the same is true for many a daytime talk show and it doesn’t do them any harm.


John Cena said it best on the mid season finale of the show saying the ladies were allowing the camera and the public axcess to a side of the show what is usually protected. Cena makes out this is a first however you could make the Argument this is a process that started with the Internet. When cameras have been allowed backstage at WWE Events (Beyond the Mat and Wrestling with shadows) demons have been released.


Wrestling is often overlooked by TV networks as a throwback product. Take a look at the old World of Sport over here in the UK or even some of the old NWA WCW stuff and you will see what I mean. It is often seen as filer TV. So if WWE can balance out it’s audience by utilizing total divas to interest a female audience all the better for wrestling.


Already it has changed the product. Last weeks episode ended with Bre Bella begging Randy Orton to not attack her real life fiancée Daniel Bryan. Will this mix of reality / fiction play off? Time will tell. It has however made the women more relevant. It also hopefully helps the image of a WWE fan evolve from someone who is sat in the audience shouting “Hit him!” This is an action / drama series. So far in my opinion WWE’s gamble payed.