World of Sport influences WWE today?


Many American Wrestling fans will have never seen ITV’s World of Sport Wrestling.

World of Sport was a mainstay on ITV from the late sixties until 1985. It was a shop window program on British wrestling and created some of the first UK Wrestling Icons. It was also the place where Wrestlers like Dynamite Kid, British Bulldog, and William Regal got their first TV exposure. It even featured a very young Bret and Owen Hart on loan from Stampede Wrestling.


The rules would be alien to any modern wrestling fan. Action never went outside the ring, the match has rounds and its always 2 out of 3 falls. However if you go to almost any indie UK show you are likely to be shocked by the amount of “oldies” that still follow Wrestling. It’s nice to see. However this article is not a Retro Reaction look back at the World of Sport. Because that show seen so many years ago is actively influencing the number one promotion in the UK today.


Dave Finley, Known to WWE fans as Fit Finley (He loves to fight) is now a backstage producer for the WWE. He has also been used previously as a trainer. William Regal is now in a great role in WWE’s developmental system NXT where he is working with superstars of the future. I find it flattering that the biggest Wrestling organization in the world chooses to have a British coach. Regal is using the skills he no doubt learned wrestling in England and passing them on to a new generation. Those that have seen Regal and / or Finley in the ring know that this can only be a good thing.


It’s also all about flavor. Regal particularly has a visibly different style to a lot of WWE wrestlers. More reason to allow the man to pass it on. A while ago my brother decided to try wrestling training and messaged Mr Regal asking if he was a little too old. Regals response was actually longer than a tweet and offered words of advice and encouragement. The man is a class act. In a time when stars like Ryback are reported to get “heat” for not liking public appearances maybe this is something else this great wrestler can pass on. 


Positioning these two in the role’s they have can only put the WWE into a strong position. It is also nice to see the WOS style live on through them. It may only be the odd move, but it keeps some of the British form alive. With present British talents like Barrett, Sheamus, Williams, and Nigel Mcguinness being featured there’s never been a better time to see Brits in the world of Wrestling