WRAITH Issue 2 Review – I don’t get it? But I don’t think I’m supposed to

Written by Joe Hill 

Art By Charles P. Wilson III



As per last week this issue is dated December 2013 – So Comixology and the IDW Store are your friends. 

I don’t know if it’s fair to say “I don’t get it.” But here I don’t – and I’m not sure I’m supposed to. 

Last week I reviewed issue one and it’s story reminded me of the twilight zone mixed with the Nightmare Before Christmas. That plus bad language. Well the language still aims to shock. But this is a horror comic so that’s a given. Still just a reminder guys this is not family friendly. 


So we have the story of three convicts and the two prison officers that are set to look after them. One of the convicts crimes is not revealed the other rapped a teenager. The dialogue is just vulgar and evil – just like those we meet. 

there’s a lot going on here. One of the criminals knew of the officers wife’s miscarriage after a car crash. In fact he made the crash happen. That’s how black the story gets… But unlike the first issue – I’m left with that feeling that I just don’t get these characters yet. 


I suspect it’s all leading to Christmas Land itself and i have a feeling that all issue 2 gives us is a character introduction. 

This I believe,  is the back story issue. 

One thing the issue does very well, particularly at the end is build the tension for what is to come.