WRAITH Issue 3 Review – Parts 1 and 2 Come Together


Written by Joe Hill 


Art By Charles P. Wilson III




After the more confusing back story in issue 2 issue 3 combines the stories using Charlie Manx from the first story. Here Charlie takes the three criminals to Christmas land. This works a lot like issue 1 in that the comic documents the journey to Christmas land and plays with the idea of travelling and dreams. 


We look into Teach, who in the past has a heartbreaking story losing his little boy to an uncaring surgeon. The Surgeon more interested in payment then saving the child’s life. There seems to be a little social commentary here on the American health system. The story plays with morals and humanity as much as it does horror. 


However the horror and supernatural elements play more of a role towards the end of the comic. A trick is reused here to great effect from part 1 and the art comes into its own with the dream / Christmas land scenes.