WRAITH Welcome to Christmas Land Review – Its Bleak!

Yes, it is not I3T. For a little while I shall be looking at the Comics through my, somewhat inexperienced eyes. 


Our first review is IDW Horror series WRAITH Welcome to Christmas Land

Apparently a sequel to novel NOS4A2 – I started reading from issue 1 dated November 2013 – This comic may not be available in all stores however it is still available through digital download at Comixology HERE or IDW Store HERE


Written by Joe Hill

Art By Charles P. Wilson III



So here we have it. My Review in one word.. BLEAK 

Charlie Talent Manx III makes a very, very bleak Villain. 

The story here starts with Charles taking a frightened little girl to Christmas land. Those of you that have read my Hiding From Seagulls book know my view on Christmas. Well it seems this comic takes that to a darker place. Charlie tells the girl that he can travel different two different kinds of roads. The regular one and the type that gets to places you dream about. We then get a history of Charlie Manx. 


These scenes of a young boy sleeping in coffins, and the depiction of the old days reminded me a little of a Dickens world. I was unsure weather we were supposed to feel sympathy for Charlie or if he was truly unredeemable. Even when the story looks at his (originally) happy marriage there’s a dark pressure on this story that follows right to the end. 

Then there’s the ending… 

For a first part of a series the comic reminded me of episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” or a glorified “Are you afraid of the dark,” 

The subject matter here is certainly NOT family friendly however. 

It’s hard to rate this one. It was an interesting read, in fact I couldn’t put it down. But I suspect it’s not to everyone’s taste. 

The art here is deliciously odd. It reminded me of the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

If you like Bleak Horror, give it a try 

I shall review the rest of the series over the coming days.