WWE, TNA and the gimmick PPV


Lately my criticism of TNA has been their lack of originality. It’s everywhere from Hogan being a “General Manager” to Dixie being a heel. What was wrong with Director of Authority or even authority figure? What was wrong with King of the Mountain, Monster ball and Ultimate X (the latter granted seems to be returning) But people forget TNA did one thing that the WWE plagiarized. The Gimmick PPV Lockdown. The gimmick being every match on the card was inside the steel cage. An all cage PPV and the WWE adopted the gimmick PPV because it made more sense to lazy fans. Let me explain..


The PPV listings of events such as Tables Ladders and Chairs, Hell in a Cell, and Extreme Rules show at a glance what a lapsed fan can expect. So a fan may watch a PPV commercial and see HIAC. Instant memories of the great Cell matches of the 1997 – 2000 era and there we have it the WWE have another customer. That is if you can afford £15 on an impulse buy. I’m told it’s more in the US!


Lately however we have seen new PPV such as Battleground and Payback. These are back to the old supercards that used to be In Your House with no gimmicks included. Now I’m not suggesting that WWE are definitely back peddling. They have eliminated Breaking point (submission PPV) and Fatal Four Way maybe simply because they didn’t work. Some WWE concepts just don’t. Look at how on paper NXT was going to be the next bg thing. Reality TV mixed with WWE should work but when we saw it we knew that WWE had already done better with Tough Enough (and now Total Divas).


The gimmick PPV’s are still there but more spread out. Perhaps enabling the booking to go back to a more old school style of having their big fueds end in gimmick matches (like Extreme Rules or Hell in a Cell)


There is one thing I am against however and that is WWE removing members of the big four. The Rumble, WrestleMania, Summerslam and Survivor Series should in my opinion stay where they are for the purposes of history. They are a tradition in many households. I was disappointed with the loss of the King Of The Ring. But now I see that Money in the Bank is doing the same job of elevating a talent into the main event scene.


As far as our friends at TNA they have experimented with less PPV and with giving away PPV quality matches on Impact with I think, some success. It makes the other PPV seem bigger and its a little bit old school which I like. Lockdown the first gimmick PPV is one they kept.