WWE Yes! It has gone on too long

It should have been a great moment on 10th March edition of Monday Night RAW. 


Daniel Bryan hijacked the show along with a group of fans. Michael Cole and the rest of the RAW commentary team took great delight in christening the Yes Movement. Got quite a nice hashtag to it hasn’t it? Well, like most story lines that are part based in reality it got old. The moment the WWE marketing machine began using the term yes movement people stopped being that bothered about it all. What we got on RAW was a now clearly devised segment.


The WWE has become like an old guy quoting cool phrases from last year. The fact is that the YES Movement peaked organically back in October.  The crowd have moved on. Thankfully there are other great things happening on RAW to entertain them.

The recent HHH beat down of Bryan for example was a flashback to the WWE of the past and the HHH everyone loved to hate. 


That’s not to be a complete hypocrite. I do think that Bryan deserves his time to shine. I just think it should have come earlier. He is a great worker and plays the underdog role very well. That works better when it’s not pushed down are throats. 


The people are behind him. Plus the win at Wrestlemania will conclude the viewers journey that started in August with Summerslam. It’s a similar thing to the Mick Foley – Rock story of 1998 – 1999.


The test for Bryan will always be when / if he wins the title. Everyone loves an underdog story but what happens when the underdog is champion.