WWF December 1995 Ahmed Johnson Rises, Jarrett returns, Goldust Stalks and the Hitman Bleeds


December saw the rise of Ahmed Johnson who had made his debut in late November. He was quickly put into a program with Dean Douglas. Meanwhile on RAW the revelry between the 123 kid and Razor continued. When Ramon stopped the 123 Kid interfering in a match on the 4th December RAW between Marty Jannetty and Psyco Sid. A tag match was set up with Ramon and Jannetty against Sid and the 123 kid at IYH5 labeled seasons beatings. A match which Ramon and Jannetty won. It became an odd month for Razor who at IYH5 and on RAW was being stalked by Goldust. Goldust had a golden envelope delivered to Ramon and began appearing on the stage watching Razor’s matches.


The rest of the build up was for the main event between Bret Hart and Davey Boy. This match played off the two’s Summerslam 1992 encounter. The match itself was viewed by many as on par if not better than their Summerslam encounter. It was part wrestling and (as all wrestling is) part morality play.


From a personal standpoint I am not a fan of blood in wrestling. I don’t think a good match needs it. However Bret Hart was good at using the blood to best effect. This combined with McMahon apologizing on the commentary desk. Then as the match went on his plea to the referee to stop the match. Another great thing about this match is that unlike so much going on the finish is clean.


The Undertaker had been locked in rivalry with king of the ring winner King Mabel. Seasons beatings saw him defeat his opponent then motion that he wanted a shot at the WWF title.


December was a month without Michaels due t the injury he had suffered last month. RAW featured frequent highlights packages including a sit down interview. Diesel faced Owen Hart at IYH5. He refused to pin Owen and shoved a referee resulting in a disqualification. Before leaving Diesel did two things that night.

Firstly he jackknife power bombed Owen and shouted to the crowd that it was “for Shawn”

Secondly he motioned that he wanted the WWF title.

Going forward it was announced that Undertaker would get the title match with Bret at the Royal Rumble. Diesel ended the event irate that the Taker got what he believed to be his shot.


Johnson against Douglas never happened. Instead Johnson was fed a squash match against Douglas’s student Buddy Landel. The segment also went on to reintroduce Jeff Jarrett who had been out of action. What effectively happened is Jarrett and Douglass switched places with Jarrett becoming a heel in the intercontinental title area and Douglass leaving the WWF.



In retrospect the WWF are trying new things here. The main event between Hart and Smith was in places very graphic. Goldust’s shenanigans were provoking a homophobic response. Yet they were playing it safe with angles like Santa Claus being bought out by the million dollar man (then being exposed as an imposer Santa)