WWF RAW – Dec 1996 Sid Vs Hart, Fake Ramon and Diesel get tag belt shots,


RAW in December seemed to wind down after the events of Survivor Series. The match set for IYH it’s time was Hart against Sid. However it’s fair to say that as a fan I was getting used to the formula of IYH by now. IYH was like a special episode of RAW as in it was very unlikely that the world title would change hands. Up to that point the WWF title had not changed hands at any IYH event.


Also the WWF continued to use the fake Diesel and Ramon characters and by this point they were fooling nobody. They were used almost as a parody of the original characters. Still, perhaps in an attempt to make headlines against the WCW the WWF booked fake Diesel and Razor to compete for the tag team titles at IYH. They did not walk away with the titles thankfully. Cornette’s champions Owen Hart and the British Bulldog remained tag champions.


RAW were however still aware of the presence of the WCW and did give away some big matches on RAW. The best example being a no holds barred match between longtime rivals Mankind and the Undertaker. Matches between the two had featured on PPV throughout the year but it was nice to see a no holds barred match on RAW. The match also saw the Undertaker change his look to something that resembles the Undertaker we see today. It was the beginning of a character change that would continue for the supernatural dead man through the era. The match was made for IYH to feature the Undertaker against the Executioner. The match would be under Armageddon rules, which meant last man standing.


IYH would see the end of the executioners brief run with the Undertaker coming out the winner.


Goldust and Helmsley rivaled each other in a story that involved Helmsley kidnap Marlena, Goldusts valet. It was odd seeing Golddust as a face wrestler but it was a little refreshing.


When IYH came Brett was booked to be the hero as he always had been. He and Sid wrestled and Shawn Michaels the former champion was on commentary. The match ended with Shawn’s interference and promise he would kick Bret’s teeth down his throat.


It looked as though a rematch between Bret and Shawn after their infamous iron man match earlier in the year was a possibility. However for it to be for the belt Shawn would have to defeat Sid.