July 1996 WWF parts ways with the Warrior, New talent signed, Stone Cold,


With events in the WCW being very popular the WWF was beginning to trail behind.
July saw the build up to In Your House international incident. The event was supposed
to have a huge six man tag team main event. Cornette had Bulldog, Owen and Vader to
go against world champion Michaels, Ahmed, and the Ultimate Warrior. Perhaps WWF
were trying t use some of WCW’s own “faction wars” storyline. Sadly for the WWF at
this time the characters did come off as a bit cartoon like and throughout July characters
like duke the dumper and the goon continued to be featured on RAW in squash matches.

The build up to the PPV was derailed a little by events with the Warrior. Warrior at
the point was one of the very few bigger stars of the eighties that had come back to the
WWF. This had left him in a very good negotiating position. The Warrior’s side of the
story is that the WWF did not pay him what he was owed. He missed a couple of non
television events (house shows) due to personnel circumstances. The WWF side was
that the Warrior wanted more money and began no showing events. In either event a
deal could not be reached between the two and Warrior was written out on the 8th July
addition of RAW. His spot in the tag match was taken by Psycho Sid who had been gone
since much earlier that year.


Used to further this emphasis on teamwork where the WWF ta champions the smoking
guns. On 22nd July Shawn and Ahmed challenged the Gun’s to a tag title match in the
main event for that weeks broadcast. The contest was interrupted by legendary former
WCW star Ron Simmons. It became obvious he had joined scheming Sunny and her tag
team champions the Gun’s. Sadly he début dressed like some kind of villainous Roman
in a costume that wouldn’t have stood out in a village people music video. Lawler did
mention on commentary that he was Ron Simmons but before the attitude era he was
Farooq the bad ass gladiator… ERM DAM!


It should be pointed out that Sunny was not the only woman now showcased on RAW.
Although WWF had lost a little faith in woman’s wrestling after Blayse / Medusa and the
woman’s title. They had Sunny, Sable, and Goldust’s valet Marlena.

In other events KOTR winner Austin did a spot of guest commentary where he began
to sound a little more “Stone Cold.” He said he wanted to get in the ring with the big
wrestlers of Monday night RAW and “kick there asses.”

He got his wish and was put in there against the Undertaker. Sadly the match was
interrupted by Mankind and the two continued their battle.


At IYH9 Austin defeated Mero, Undertaker won Goldust by disqualification (more
mankind interference) and in a shock ending Vader who had been on a dominant role
pinned the champion Shawn Michaels. Had cornette found his Bane to Michaels Batman?
The WWF played on the size difference between the two and it was quickly announced
that the main event for Summerslam would be Vader Vs Michaels. This time for the
WWF Championship.