What is The Spaceman?

So, you’ve stumbled across our little corner of the interwebs, so the question you’re asking is what exactly is here? Well dear traveller of the digital we’re here to enlighten you.

At the heart of the site is RetroReaction by The Analyst. Each and every week he has a look back at his own past on topics such as Board Games, Old Movies, Video Games, and plenty more besides. Each Reaction is grouped in to a series of 6 articles and we’re currently on the 34th such series which is essentially RetroReaction Unplugged. Why not take a trip down memory lane with The Analyst today? It’s sure to be a fantastic source of nostalgia!

Next up we have ComicsCulture by i3t. This section, formally known as GeekOut, is where we have comic reviews, in depth articles, and various other bits and pieces including upcoming new series ComicsCulture’s Cartoon Corner where we have a look at old cartoons.

Movies That Never Were started out as a pet project of i3t in ComicsCulture before spinning off in to it’s own section. In it i3t looks at films, TV Shows, and games that have had millions and millions spent on them yet, for whatever reason, they’ve never seen the light of day. Check back every two weeks for a new article.

The Wrestling Analyst is the place where you can read about The Analyst’s thoughts on the squared circle. The most recent set of articles here detail his trip to see WrestleMania 32 in Texas.

isthisthetruth? is, in many ways, i3t’s spiritual home. He originally had a site called isthisthetruth? as a show case for his political writings, social commentary, and slightly skewed look on life. The current series of articles here try to get to the bottom of Britain’s proposed exit of the EU. Is it a good thing? Or a bad thing? i3t tries to find out.

Finally we’ve a section on Hiding From Seagulls which was the debut novel from The Analyst. Here you can find links to buy the novel plus other novels also by The Analyst.

We’ve plenty of other stuff in our archive too so why not venture in to our vaults and have a look today?

The BewareTheSpaceman Team