Retro Reaction #8.5 Broken Sword Countdown to the Serpent’s Curse – The Sleeping Dragon


Broken Sword went big budget on this one. The Sleeping dragon


It divided fans. Many proffered the retro point and click interface of before


Me? well I write a column about old gaming what do you think my opinion is?


Opinions aside the story is well thought through again. The appearance of “a relative” from the first game was a welcome and quite fun part towards the end of the game.


The difference in this game was that you could control George in third person mode. Although for me the interface was not difficult (and I am control pad impotent remember) it did mark the end of an era. Part of the love for Broken Sword was in the detailed artwork and animation (thankfully all stuff we can look forward to returning in The Serpent’s Curse coming this year.



The issue for me is that now George Stobbart had gone from unwittingly exploring to full on Indiana Jones stuff. He looks a little different and seems to have become almost an action hero. Plus some of his comments internal or not can come off as sarcastic rather than humorous.


That said Revolution hit a home run as far as character driven story goes. There may be a slight overuse of box puzzles but this game is still an adventure game at hart. More than that it is still a story driven game.


The story at the end turns a little to fantasy. Although mythical elements had featured heavily in the previous 2 games here George battles a dragon. Looking back it could of overstepped the mark but it does not because the George against the dragon theme is what it is. That being a big finale, the one that was supposed to finish the Broken Sword.



There we have it a neat little Trilogy. Broken Sword 3 picks up the Knights Templar story and ties up every loose end. You would be forgiven for thinking that here is where we say goodbye to Mr Stobbart



But it was not to be open yet. Revolution developed a windows only sequel that promised to please point and click enthusiasts and 3D game lovers at the same time.



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