Great Old Gaming Gems – Faceball 2000 (Gameboy)

After a brief Hiatus Great Old Gaming Gems is BACK! And we’re back with a game I absolutely loved on my original Gameboy. That game is, of course, Faceball 2000. With hardware advances the FPS shooter is one… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems Is Back – Bringing The Bad With The Good

Great news! Great Old Gaming Gems is coming back to the site with all new retro goodness. Not only that it’s brining a spin-off… Great Old Gaming Fails. We always like to focus on what’s good in gaming… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Super Hydlide

Ok well it’s my first article on classic gaming titles and I have to say I’m starting with a bit of controversy. Like many adults around today I was playing games while I was in nappies (though enough… Read More


Great Old Gaming Gems – Panzer Dragoon Saga

There are a few here who may remember the rather fun dragon blast-em-up Panzer Dragoon and it’s sequel either from the original Sega Saturn console or from the PC ports that were made. What you may not be… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Streaker

Ok now hear me out on this one, you may never have heard of this game and by all rights, most of you probably shouldn’t have. But it’s a good game and I think it really is a… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Metal Gear Solid

I’m a little weird when it comes to stealth style action games. Generally speaking, I will not be too fussed about playing them. I’ll maybe play for an hour or two and not feel too fussed and then… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Home Alone

    Everyone who is old enough to remember this film remembers that little kid screaming with the aftershave on his face and how thoroughly irritating he acted throughout the whole film. The one endearing feature of the… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Act Raiser

This was a bit of a lost game on the SNES, they created a sequel but I don’t believe it ever managed to get the recognition it deserved on the console. Personally I’m a big fan of it… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Columns

SEGA’s answer to Tetris, Columns was popular in a way that the spin offs of the Nintendo original never were and although games have taken elements of both games in spin offs or rip offs since, none has… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Bushido Blade

  So we’ve touched on beat-em ups as a genre before. 2 players square off in an arena and beat the hell out of each other until the opponent lies bloodied and bleeding. This sort of game can… Read More