Mongoose Media Privacy

  Mongoose Media Privacy.   Keeping your privates …. private   Welcome to a one off addition of Media Roundup. Here I the Mongoose offer you a few simple tips for maintaining your online privacy. Obviously if you… Read More

The Article every Google user should read

  Another blow to online privacy today What is happening… Step into my office Google have took an odd step of warning some users that their computers could be at risk from state sponsored attacks. The move is… Read More

Mongoose Loses Plot – God Save the Queen

I wasn’t going to write anything on here for the Jubilee YOUR MAJESTY Instead I sat smirking in the Spaceman’s Control Tower watching the Truthseeker campaign for the Sex Pistols (some Punk rock band) to become Jubilee Number… Read More

Media Roundup – Sony Advertising – It could change Gaming and Television

If you remember a good while ago on media round up we took a look at the video games business and how its evolution into an online world had hurt retailer Game. Now we’re a good few weeks… Read More

BBC Children’s TV Why it does and does not matter

  The BBC have made a tough decision. BBC One will no longer show children’s television programming. Instead shows like Blue Peter will be relegated down the EPG to the CBBC Channel. What exactly does this mean? Step… Read More

Media follow up and Dr Who News

Today on media round-up were going to follow up on two earlier story’s. We also have a snippet of Dr Who News.   Step into my office   Axed Renewed Update   The first follow up concerns the… Read More

The Randy King (part2 of 3)

    Previously our Randy king had married his brothers wife, mucked about with a mistress but fallen for her sister. No your not reading the spoilers for Eastenders. This is the story of       The… Read More

Media Roundup Avengers Marvel Paramount – an uneasy alliance

The Avengers this week spent its second week at the top of the UK box office. In the US the film has earned a record breaking 200m.  It is certainly a success story. But it wasn’t always the… Read More

The Randy King (Part 1 of 3)

With the Queen’s Jubilee just around the corner we here at BTSM have decided to take a look at our vast and interesting past. Were starting with a look at a King Henry 8th. You probably remember him… Read More

EPL Tenders, My Precious

    Like it or in my case hate it the English Premier League (EPL) rights are the “my precious” of the broadcasting world. Yesterday the rights went to tender for seasons 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16. Now I’m… Read More