Where is Beware The Batman?

Beware The Batman is a bit of a Marmite program.  It follows Batman and sidekick Katana against lesser known Bat villains. Yes it has gotten a lot wrong. But also in my estimation a lot right and it… Read More

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Episode One Review

Playing this game felt like meeting up with an old friend.  “That hasn’t advanced much,” Was my Dad’s view. He took into account the layout and graphics of the game while comparing it to the game my brother… Read More

East Midlands Comic Con – Nottingham Sci Fi Nerds prove why they are The Best In The World

  An event..  Why oh Why are the Spaceman reviewing an event?  Well mainly all of the current  Spaceman team were there actually  in person. But with so many great names at the event how were we ever… Read More

Dr Who Review – 50th Anniversary The Day Of The Doctor

So much hype going in wasn’t there. Did it live up to the hype? Here is something myself and I3T probably disagree on. Fundamentally we are different Who fans. I am New and he likes the classic series…. Read More

Batman Blackgate Review 3DS

    A hand held Batman Arkham game. Too good to be true? Well no actually.   For the majority of the time Batman Blackgate manages to trim down an Arkham game into hand held form. This game… Read More

Batman Blackgate – Black Mask Boss Fight Bug – Workaround Fix

  You know how it is. You finish that boss battle, then save the game. After all that’s a good place to leave it for the night. Batman is victorious at least for tonight.. Well if that save… Read More

Review – Star Trek Federations The First 150 Years

Star Trek Federation The First 150 Years (Titan £19.99) Star Trek Federation is the official in universe history of The titular Federation presented as an “in-universe” tome set within that galaxy far far away… Wait a minute… Wrong… Read More

Review – Beware The Batman is Batman Updated

I didn’t want to like Beware The Batman. I’m a believer that the DC animated universe got it right in the original Batman Animated Series and haven’t quite hit the same stride since. The reasons i expected not… Read More

Review – The Wolverine

In a summer that’s delivered the really rather fantastic Iron Man 3 and apparently a Superman movie I’m in therapy trying to forget we now have The Wolverine. Is it a sequel? Not really. Prequel then? Again not… Read More

Do we really need that prequel? Can’t we just let Evil be Evil?

This comes a few hours after watching Oz the Great and powerful. This Analyst is fairly keen on his other worldly movies. Being a goody goody I guess it is the nearest I come to a drugs trip…. Read More