Retro Reaction #33.6 Bret Hart Vs Steve Austin

If ever there was a match that brought with it a new era it was this one. WrestleMania 13 could have been a big contender for the worst ‘Mania of all time. Nothing seemed to look “must see”… Read More

Retro Reaction #33.5 Shawn Michaels Vs. Camp Cornette

This weeks Wrestling rivalry probably wasn’t a classic. The year was 1996 and in all honesty most of the eyes in the wrestling world were not on WWF but rather WCW. This was the year that Hogan turned… Read More

Retro Reaction #33.4 Bret Vs Owen – Battle of the Harts

One of the first matches I saw on my (then) brand new Sky Analogue TV was on WWF Superstars where Owen Hart took on someone I had never heard off. This was actually the first time I had… Read More

Retro Reaction #33.3 There WERE Two Undertakers

It’s one of those less known trivia facts. The Undertaker character has “strictly speaking” been played by two Wrestler. Mark Calaway is the mainstay Undertaker but for a brief period of 1994 The Undertaker was played by Brian… Read More

Retro Reaction #33.2 Road to Wrestlemania Hogan Vs Warrior

My Countdown to Wrestlemania continues with this look at Wrestlemania’s past   Wrestemania 6 was all about one match. Hulk Hogan Vs The Ultimate Warrior. This was undoubtedly one of the WrestleMania’s where the main event made the… Read More

Retro Reaction #33.1 Road to Wrestlemania – Hogan Vs Slaughter

The WWF in 1991. The eighties boom in wrestling had largely subsided and we were left with a show that was in keeping with Saturday morning Cartoon’s. Hulk Hogan played the all American hero to perfection and the… Read More

Retro Reaction #33.0 Road to Wrestlemania

Well, after years of being a wrestling fan I will finally be making my way to a WrestleMania. So as I sit down to write this set of reaction I wanted to look back at some of the… Read More

My Road to Wrestlemania: WWE NXT Sheffield Sat 12th Dec 2015

  Once before, I sat in a crowd knowing I has watching a “hot” product. That was inside the Doncaster Dome at the height of the 1PW era of British Wrestling. Last Saturday night, the 12th December I… Read More

My Road To WrestleMania: An Evening With Hulk Hogan. Sheffield 14th November 2015

My Road to Wrestlemania hit.. What I consider as a big high point on the 14th November. Wrestling Icon Hulk Hogan held “An evening with” event quite close by.   To begin with I was in two minds…. Read More

The Road To Wrestlemania: Global Force Wrestling

  My Road to WrestleMania took a stop at a show in Grimsby ran by Global Force Wrestling (or GFW). Global Force is a promotion run my ex WWE / WCW / TNA wrestler Jeff Jarrett. Jeff played… Read More