ComicsCulture – Batman v Superman – Yawn of Justice Extended Edition

So after sitting through around two and a half hours of Batman v Superman first time round there is now an extended “Ultimate Edition” edition that increases it’s already too long run time to just over the three hour mark.

The question is then what’s been added? And has it improved the film? As a general rule Directors Cuts add a couple of scenes back in the movie that were cut for time but, ultimately, make very difference to the tone of the final film. I can think of two notable exceptions to this rule however, and given that there are literally hundreds of directors cuts out there, that’s not a good ratio. I’ll get to those exceptions at the end of the article just in case you’re interested.

So with BvS what’s new? Lots of minor edits, adding a few seconds to most scenes, including more blood, violence, and the like. Nothing major there though just bits that had to be toned down to get that all important PG13 Rating.

But what about any big changes? Well firstly a nameless CIA agent who gets killed very early on in the film finally gets a couple of scenes of character development. Turns out he’s meant to be Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. Now he’s a photojournalist (aka photographer) who’s assigned to help Lois Lane. It’s more fitting to the characters roots but it feels a bit pointless really.

Clark Kent also now spends time investigating Batman in Gotham, speaking to criminals and the like, which at least gives him some reason for thinking Batman’s methods might be a tad extreme.

Another change see’s Bruce Wayne popping quite a few pain pills as well as his bottles of wine. Apparently the American ratings board saw his level of pill popping as drug abuse and thus made them remove these scenes from the cinema version. So erm… Batman’s now a junkie. Yay? This scene is followed up with a scene of Ben Affleck’s bare arse in a shower. So if you want to see that then the Ultimate Edition is for you.

There’s also a couple of F-bombs if that’s your think with a couple of instances of bit part characters saying “Who the hell are you?” upgraded to “Who the fuck are you?” It’s not really needed as it adds nothing new.

The big question then is there any new footage in the fight? Is it more violent? More gorey? More hyper? The answer, sadly, is no. That fight cost a lot of money to make so aside from one or two extra punches there is zero difference in this version.

Perhaps the only added bit that I actually can see the point of is that at the end of this new version Lex Luthor is transferred to Arkham Asylum. Whether this will see him getting a cameo in Suicide Squad however remains to be seen.

What’s interesting about these changes though is that, if the first version you see is this version, you’d just assume that this was the final edit. As mentioned earlier usually the added scenes in Directors Cuts usually stand out massively for a whole bunch of reasons.

So if you liked BvS you’ll no doubt enjoy this “Ultimate Edition” however… If like you me you found the original version a long slog to get through and definitely on the boring side you can call this Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice Ultimate Sleep Aid Edition.

Now what about those two directors cuts that actually added to the films? Well firstly there is the Richard Donnor Cut of Superman II. It’s about a 75% different movie to the version we grew up with. Secondly there was a directors cut of Ben Affleck’s Daredevil that also changed over half of the film and made a bit of a mess in to a tight watchable film and eliminated a lot of the out and out cheese.

We might tackle both of those films as special Movies That Never Were at somepoint. Movies That Almost Never Were?