Drew-El Turning 30

Hi there, I’m Drew-El and these are my thoughts as I approach the big 30. Me and my best friend the Analyst both turn 30 this year, and in my mind at least this is an important milestone. This is because I can no longer be classed as a ‘young adult’ even though at times I still behave like an infant.

Over the past couple of months I have tried to become more responsible in my outlook on life. I
have realised that the only person who can truly make me happy is myself. As someone who is
prone to rather dark feelings, I have come to believe it is my responsibility to create my own
happiness. To this end I have taken stock of my life, and realised I am pretty comfortable, I have a lovely home, a brilliant job, and my health is as good as it gets.

Perhaps my biggest foible is my tendency to need little activities to keep my mind active and give my life some semblance of purpose. To this end I have decided to draw up a list of 30 activities to do before or during my thirtieth year, that will make me happy. If you’re like me, you might also find this useful and entertaining. I decided on a list of goals which I either wanted to do or that I have done before but wanted to do again. None of the goals are particularly difficult, just little exercises to keep the mind busy.

So here is the list:

Meet a favourite celebrity
Stay in a haunted hotel
Do a long distance walk
Send a message in a bottle
Visit Stonehenge
Go on a blind date
Sit in the audience of a TV show
Ride a mechanical bull
Plant a tree
Milk a cow
Go to a concert
Play a round of golf
Dance in the rain
Go on a picnic
Go sailing
Be an extra in a movie
Go fire walking
Swim in the sea
Have my portrait painted/ Caricature draw
Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands
Write a song
Attend a murder mystery dinner
Name a star
Explore a cave
See a musical
Build a snowman
Throw a coin in a fountain and make a wish
Fly a kite
Have my palm read
Go to a UK Pro-Wrestling show

2 Comments on “Drew-El Turning 30

  1. Over 2 years ago turning 30 seemed like the biggest thing in the world. What would being 30 be like? What would I be like in my 30s. The answer, turning 30 didn’t change anything but things I experience on a day to day basis change me. By the way, where has Drew-El gone? whatever happened to the paranormal section of Beware the Spaceman? they’re probably lost somewhere in the ether between the old and the new.

    • A lot of BTS articles seem to have gone for a wander when we migrated to our new system sadly so we’ve rather stream lined the site a little. Hopefully we’ll get paranormal back up and running soon!