Gaming From The Castle – The Lion King (Mega Drive)



This week it’s time to go back to the Sega Mega Drive for one of my favourite games, the lion king. The lion King is my favourite Disney movie so being able to play it as a game was amazing.


The game is nice colourful and the music is faithful to the film, well as faithful as the mega drive can get. Also the controls are quite easy. Similar to other platform games of the time. The plot follows the film nicely.


The problem comes after the first level when the game takes a steep jump in difficulty. So five year old Princess Specki couldn’t get any further. I tried picking up the game recently and found it quite tricky after the first level.



Now wit the Wii having so many pick up and play titles the difficulty for me was a major flaw. Worse still when you die to often the game makes you start over. For the time this wasn’t uncommon but it was frustrating.





Princess Pro’s


Colourful and the music is great!

Faithful to the film



Princess No! No! No’s.


It’s too hard! I couldn’t get past the second level