i3t on Easter

So it’s Easter. The time of year where Christians celebrate the death and return of Christ and most kids pig out on easter eggs.

 And, predictably, there has been another big hoohah about taking religion out of Easter. This year it was Cadburys who renamed their Easter Egg Hunt to Cadburys Egg Hunt. This supposedly shocking turn of events even saw the PM wade in saying we need to remember its a Christian holiday. To that I ask why? 

If you look at the majority of Easter its still quite clearly a slightly rebranded Pagan fertility festival. Easter eggs? Pagan. The Easter Bunny? He’s not in the bible. He’s a pagan fertility symbol as nothing shouts fertility more than a giant rampant randy rabbit. Well if I’m going to be technical here the rabbit is a symbol of an old Goddess from the very old pre-,Christian festival of Eostre. Oh… Even the name is Pagan isn’t it?

Christian holidays are celebrated on fixed days of the year. For example Christmas Day is always on December 25th. However… Easter somehow didn’t get the memo and is based on the phases of the moon. Again a big Pagan trait. 

What about the Hot Cross Bun though I hear you ask. Surely that slightly crappy sweet baked bun is Christian? Well… No. Its not. Celebrating Easter as we know it today doesn’t appear in the bible at all. However the hot cross bun pops up in the old testament. The Israelites bake them for an idol and the proto Christians are definitely saying down with this sort of thing. Fast forward a few millenia and now they’re claiming the bun as their own. Funny how that worked out…

You could even argue that the resurrection of Christ borrows heavily from the pre existing Pagan spring festivals. Easter is a celebration of Spring. Of life returning after the winter. And whilst that is a concept found in many cultures it’s definitely there in all aspects of Paganism. 

The sad truth is that a lot of the true origins of Easter are lost to time. The Christians were, historically, very quick to steal the aspects they liked from preexisting festivals and literally remove the rest from history. I self identify as Norse. I believe in The Allfather, The Aesir, and hope to end up in the halls of Valhalla. Sadly a lot of the knowledge of our customs have been lost thanks to over zealous Christians in 7th-11th centuries believing that they were saving souls. They weren’t. They were destroying a rich culture but that’s a story for another time.

So as you can see getting angry about changing the name of an Easter Egg Hunt to an Egg Hunt is pretty silly when you consider the origins of Easter.

Going back to Cadburys what they actually changed was the wording in their print adverts from “Easter Fun on the Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt” to “Easter Fun on the Cadburys Egg Hunt.” The second version scans better and still has Easter in it so seriously what’s the big deal?

Madness isn’t it? I’m now going to bite the head off of my fertility symbol Chocolate bunny, stuff my face with some eggs, and go old Testament and eat a hot cross bun which is sure to anger the big G God. 

Have a good one no matter what you’re celebrating this weekend or how you celebrate it.