i3t – Thoughts on the Manchester Attack

Last night thousands of people, a great number of them children, went to attend a concert by their favourite singer- Ariana Grande. What should have been a joyous and fun night out was marred when at the end of the concert, when people were filling out, someone decided to blow themselves up taking, at most recent count, 22 innocent people with them and injuring scores more. This was a horrific and senseless loss of life on a scale not seen here in UK in over a decade since the 7/7 Bombings on the London Underground.

This was a cowardly targeting of families, of those who just wanted to enjoy a night out, and of children. This can not, must not, be allowed to happen again. There are many questions that we need to ask, and no doubt questions that will be asked, over the coming days and weeks but they are questions for another time.

Today we mourn for all those who have died in such a senseless barbaric manner. Those who died just for attending a concert.

If you live close to Manchester they’re asking for donations of blood. If you’re able? Donate it. There are still 50odd children stranded without parents and if you can help them? Help them. We need to show, as we have done countless times before, that attacks such as this do not scare us. They don’t frighten us. We carry on and they bring out the best in us. They allow our compassion to shine as we seek to do all we can to help those in needs.

This is what the terrorists simply do not get about us. We keep calm. We carry on. We’re better than they are not by nature of where we live, by nature of religion, or colour or creed. We’re better than them because when people need help we help them any way we can. This is why they will never win. For all our faults as a country, and let’s be honest there are many, we come together in times of adversity.

The Spaceman stands with Manchester. The Spaceman stands with humanity and we stand against those who seek the killing of innocent people. There is no place for killing in a good and just society and murder like this is never, ever, justifiable.

i3t & The Analyst