IPTV Youview, NOWTV, Spaceman advises BT




It seems the next war in television will be an IPTV one. A way of providing users (and significantly targeting current non pay TV customers) with catch up and PPV content.


Lets look at the future for IPTV UK services.


Step into my office


You View


Is going to be a service offering catch up services via an IPTV set top box. You view will also offer a library of programs courtesy of BT available as pay TV


The partners to watch here are the add ons. Lovefilm are confirmed as are the (massively underrated) blinkbox. At the moment Youview is only compatible with Freeview’s DTT service. There is currently no Satellite version. Sat there in the content partners list is the real snake in the grass

Sly sky. Why? Fingers in more than one Pie. See bellow


NOW TV Taking a different direction?

Notice how the logo is different from sky’s. The only mention of Sky is the powered by bit on the website. General speculation seems to suggest that sky are already disassociating themselves with this product. Or at least they want it as far away from their premium focus of Sky+ and Sky HD.


It would be nice to see some other content providers in these services. Perhaps Discovery, National Geographic, Sci fi


That said things for BT are changing.


BT acquired premiership rights which massively turn them from a provider to a broadcaster.


BTS advice to BT, sell those games on every platform you can. Get deals with Sky, Virgin, Top Up, provide them via Netflix and the new you view service. Heck VOD them from your website for a fee. But please do not do what I suspect you will.


A sky high price on other services but available very cheap when you have BT Broadband. Pushing the total package is a move all the major providers used but I expect that if BT lock the VOD behind a BT ISP wall – than BT will be the ultimate losers here.