Is It Tme For DC To F%ck The Universe & Focus On Story?

Captain America: Civil War has just seen Marvel demonstrate what will likely be the highest point of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The film showcases a meaningful conflict between characters that have had time to develop. No BTSM is not paid by Disney or Marvel to like these film’s but… How could you NOT like them? From the early scenes setting out the conflict I knew that this Superhero Smackdown was going to be a lot of fun.

Now cast your mind’s back to the end of March and the anticipated Batman v Superman. This film Should have been good. Given it’s title characters it should have been better. It had enough geeky imagery to excite any fanboy. Dark Knight Returns Bat suit.. yep, ideas from the Injustice video game.. Yep. This film undoubtedly looks amazing yet it fell down in two crucial areas.

Story and Heart. The imagery came for the sake of having it there not to serve any purpose. I’m criticising the work of others here, which I hate to do, especially as I am a DC Fan boy.

I think the problem was that rush for a shared Universe to rival Marvel. Marvel have the universe thing and it’s doing well for them. Perhaps it’s not a good thing for DC to be playing a rather rushed game of catch up?

Why not take some of those big DC comics. I’m talking about Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, The Killing Joke, The Death of Superman. Want a Villain assembly? Maybe take a look at what the Video games did so very well with Arkham Asylum.

Each of these stories works on it’s own.

Maybe if Marvel are pushing their Universe one way it would be good for DC to take an altogether different direction?

Keep the TV Universe though! DC TV is great at the moment.

The Analyst