Kindle hiccups, Covers and Copyrights KDP

So it’s been a couple of weeks since the Seagulls spoke and Hiding from Seagulls has been released. I am happy that the book has been read by fifty people (not sold too however, more on that later.)


I launched the book back on the 10th of October. I had written it and re read it until so many times and I3T had edited the book to ensure that what you guys were getting was coherent with the English language. I am dyslexic and so can find some of our languages finicky rules to be tricky. Lucky for me I3T is a grammar fixing machine (guess it’s part of him being a teacher). The book was released and the support I received from family and friends via social media was overwhelming.


The problem was after they had read it how do I get it out there further. The answer was KDP. Kindle’s KDP system has some drawbacks. Your not actually selling books through it more giving them away. However it increases readership and helps with the books ranking. So I tried one of my free days without any other form of promotion. The book was downloaded at a rate just above one an hour. So I was quite pleased. The next step you will all hear about in an upcoming Seagulls Podcast.


I uploaded my book and then (thankfully) checked the forums. I found that my cover designer and many others use images from google images on their work. The problem here was copyright. I would recommend anyone using a cover designer to just ask them where the images come from. Images are cheap to license over the Internet. I went through the route of re releasing my cover with images that I had bought a license to to ensure being in the clear.

Right now the book is sitting there on the amazon store waiting to be loved, waiting to invade your Kindle and waiting for November the 21st

More on that soon.

But for tonight I am the Analyst.

Have a great Dayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!