Mongoose: The Public Transport Logs – Episode 2

The Journey

This time it is Kirton in Lindsey to Nottingham for a Spaceman reunion so to speak.

We put the band back together… More on that later.

So the log. Firstly it was raining at 6.30am this morning. I don't see many 6am's so the cloud's could be purple at this time for all I know… Anyway I dressed accordingly big Grey jumper and a coat.

That was mistake number one.

Then I had forgotten the exact fare from Kirton to Lincoln so went to draw some cash out.

For those interested the fare was £6.70 return Which is not bad considering Scunthorpe's recent hike to £6.

So after a rush, I made it and waited. The Stagecoach bus was on time (having only a 10min turnaround to the train I was glad of this). The journey along the cliff to Lincoln is well worth every penny of the £6.70 – why don't I go there more often!!

The train to Nottingham came to £10.30 return. Not bad I thought considering the distance traveled there.

Though I should point out this is the second public transport journey when I have ended up with chewing gum stuck to my shoe. I HATE THE DAM STUFF


What did the truthseeker and the mongoose talk about? Well I couldn't possibly tell you more than there could well be some exciting Spaceman developments in the future..


So after Nottingham there is an hour before the next Kirton bound bus. So I grab a juice drink and sit on the viewing bench by waterside in reflection of the day.

There is a saying that crossing one's own time line can be dangerous

The Truthseeker had looked a lot… well older than when I had seen him last. At a guess I would say the Mongoose is undergoing the aging process a little there too. Must work on that cryogenic freezing idea.

Once we got talking we were once again.. like the students we once where only older (no wiser and both a bit chubbier).

I would think more but the bus is here. On time again!

Price compare – The No Nonsense Cost

Destination – Cleethorpes

Ticket Price £13.10

Estimated Car equivalent, fuel cost £11.82 Car park £3 = £14.82

= Public transport cost saves £1.72 for single traveler – thats 86 x 2p for those machines . (more than one your car wins)

Destination – Nottingham

Ticket Price £10.40 + £6.70 = £17

Estimated Car equivalent fuel £29.64 Car Park £5.20 (Nottingham city council more expensive than the seaside here!)

= Public transport cost saves £17.84 for single traveler.