My Road to WrestleMania: Jim Ross and Friends Saturday 2nd April 4pm

The House of Blues Dallas is a very “trendy” venue.  It wasn’t like the hall’s where I saw Mick Foley’s show or Hulk Hogan’s.  A few hours before the show my brother and I walked up that end of Dallas. Being new we decided to find the venue then maybe get something to eat towards that end of the city. We saw Jim getting out of his vehicle. Shouted across the road “Jim,” and gave him my (now trademarked) rainbow wave. Jim Ross, legendary WWE announcer, gave us the gentlest of nods and scampered into that building as fast as he could! (actually we weren’t about to cross the street to harass Mr Ross)

Jim had scheduled  shows through the WrestleMania weekend so had quite the schedule in front of him. The veteran announcer gave his views on the booking of Reigns for Mania and a funny story about how at Wrestlemania 9 Bobby “The Brain” Heenan had tried to convince him to go commando under the toga.

He came across as a likeable guy dead set against retirement. He repeatedly told us that he wasn’t bitter over WWE “firing” him on September 11th 2013. Got that? Definitely not bitter. Also an interesting note. Jim Ross seems to hate social media and Twitter with a passion.   He is also not a fans of chants of “This is Awesome” and “You’ve still got it”.  Although I can see this viewpoint I think these chants are meant to be of goodwill in the context of a wrestling event. 

But he wasn’t bitter over WWE “firing” him on September 11th 2013. Got that!

Next he brought out his guests none other than Global Force Wrestling’s Jeff and Karen Jarrett. (Who actually featured in this column back at Global Force Grimsby). They got into TNA Wrestling (Turns out that Karen Jarrett is not a Dixie Carter fan. Neither’s Jeff. Jeff is infinitely better at politics than Karen). 

They got into some old Ric Flair stories and Jim Ross told one about an uncomfortable limousine ride and about Jim getting fired on on September 11th 2013, and how he isn’t bitter about it at all. 

Overall the show was good. In fact I would recommend these spoken tours if one comes close to your town. Some of Jim Ross’s Jokes did fall flat with a modern audience but overall, although he may be 64, Jim is still full of ideas and still comes across as passionate about what he does.

His words at the end of the show were.

“Don’t ever retire. What are you going to do that you can’t do part time.”

Wise words from Good O’L JR

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  1. Sounds like fun, I will have to look out if JR ever comes and does a talk in the UK.