My Road To Wrestlemania – WWE Axxess 2016 Review

Thanks to some quick computer work from a colleague at work we just managed to get axxess tickets. The session we attended was at 8am on a Saturday morning. I can’t imagine this morning session being the most popular, but still be prepared to stand in a line for a long time. In fact even though you are through those doors. Still expect to be waiting in lines. That said they are some of the more entertaining waits you will ever have.

The first thing I’ll deal with here is the signings. You’ve paid for axxess and it’s all about the autographs.. right? I had a general axxess tickets. During my four hour axxess slot i managed to get one autograph. If you plan to go just for autograph’s then either don’t bother (I would suggest perhaps the yearly WreslteCon for that) or be prepared to spend you’re morning lining up.

We went wrong here to really. Because the best part of axxess was some of the old memorabilia. In Dallas this ranged from Sting’s old ring gear to Steve Austin’s custom world title.   This is where axxess truly was a good experience (although still expect lots of crowding). There are also non-wrestler photo opportunities. The set of the Undertakers Funeral Parlour and the announcers desk were there this year.

Also there is a small ring set up. Here NXT matches are being tapped. I wish we had seen more of this now. But again there are limited seats so you can expect a seat to be hard to find. In fact seating in general was hard to come by. There is a cafe area with some seating but in reality expect to be on your feet for over four hours.

Over all would I rate Axxess as a WWE fan.. Absolutely. It was worth seeing once. Not something I would rush into seeing again however. I think once you’ve done axxess once and experienced it there is probably nothing that would draw you back unless you are a big autograph / meet and great fanatic (which I am not)

Next Time – Jim Ross and Friends show review.

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  1. I can understand why, with the number of people who are attending, seating might be limited but I couldn’t stand for 4 hours. That’s a little disappointing and would definitely put me off attending. It might be worth emailing the WWE and sharing your experience of Axxess, I’m sure the feedback if constructive would be well received. It might help them improve the experience for future events.