RedReview: Film and Comic Con Sheffield 2016

On Saturday 13th August 2016, the Analyst, I3T and I went to the Film and Comic Con at Sheffield Arena. In many respects it was very similar to other conventions we have been to with a mixture of guests, stalls, photo opportunities and lots of people dressed up. The Analyst and I were dressed as pro-wrestling referees and had much fun with it on our journey across.

After entering through the blue doors, we wandered round the concourse. Here there were computer games to be played, board games to be quizzically stared at and the guests to sign autographs. Later on we went back to the video games and played Wacky Races on the Playstation One (it was the only one free and we soon learnt why). Wacky Races is a terrible, terrible game but we had fun trying to master the abysmal controls.

Walking past the guests we saw the various ones who had been advertised and a surprise guest who brought childhood memories flooding back; Bodger and Badger! Immediately the theme tune came to my mind “everybody knows Badger loves, Mash Potatoes!” Badger hadn’t aged a day, but that’s mostly because he’s a puppet.

Entering the main arena, the floor was devoted to an impressive number of stalls. There was a good range of items for sale and it had the feel of a giant “geeky” market. Taking a break from the stalls we went up into the arena seating to await the next guest panel. While we were waiting we played one of our favourite games; guessing people’s costumes. It’s like playing a live action game of “where’s Wally” and we did spot someone dressed as Wally.

The panel we saw starred two of the main cast from the first Hellraiser film. It was a Q&A style panel with the audience providing all of the questions. The two guests were absolutely brilliant, explaining what it was like to work with Clive Barker and to work on the set of this cult film. I’m a fan of the Hellraiser franchise (I have all the films, even the later ones) so I found it particularly interesting.

The highlight of this event of me was the talent show competition, and we just happened to stumble upon it by accident. Five acts lip synced to various songs from various musical genres. Each one was thoroughly entertaining and well worth the entrance fee alone. My favourite was a guy dressed as Ash singing along to the Pokemon theme tune.

I find with film and comic conventions they are only as good as you make them. Half of the joy and entertainment is making connections with like minded individuals. For instance while we were waiting for the panel, we heard a familiar tune come over the PA system. It took us a while, because it was out of context, but we realised it was Finn Balor’s theme tune. We noticed the couple in front were doing the arm actions, so we joined in. In that moment we connected.

I can’t wait to see what surprises and connections next year’s conventions will bring!