RedReview: WWE Live in London speculation

So the Analyst and I saw a press release way back in March that seemed to suggest that on September 7 th 2016 the WWE would be making a UK PPV or network special in the O2 Arena, London. Armed with this information the Analyst bought two tickets for the event. However the information was denied by the WWE a couple of weeks later. There is to be a WWE one night only event at the O2 Arena on September 7 th 2016, but what exactly is it?

At this point there is very little information and most of this post is purely speculation, hence the title. The event page on the O2 Arena website doesn’t give much away, just a typical WWE event but it does mention that it’s a one night only type deal. Why do that? They are touring in November.

After the draft the WWE updated their page for this event to show that it will feature the RAW superstars. It is interesting to note that event will take place on a Wednesday, which is not a typical night for a network special or a PPV. It will also take place five days before the supposed Smackdown only PPV Backlash on September11 th . Furthermore the RAW brand is due to be in Manila for an event on Friday 7 th September. All of which makes it highly unlikely given the WWE’s denial that this will in fact be a WWE UK PPV/network special.

Perhaps this is part of a rather bizarre world tour? The best case scenario is a RAW brand network special to balance the Smackdown PPV however this does seem very unlikely. The far more likely scenario is it’s just an anomalous one of house show. Only time will tell, there will be further ramblings after the event I’m sure of it.