Retro Reaction 25.1 Nintendo Change The Questions

It’s June 1996. The Video Games Market is dominated by two consoles. The  Sega Saturn to a lesser extend. Then to a major extent the all powerful new Sony machine the Playstation. At this time relatively new, Sony’s machine would push them to later Game dominance. The Saturn was the beginning of Sega’s demise. Then there was this other machine. An ugly machine it had to be said, that took big bulky cartridges in comparison to it’s completion’s modern CDR drives. Just when you thought you could see the way the Games Market was going Nintendo came along and changed the questions. 



The N64 still used cartridges, furthermore it’s library of games never came close to the amount of games offed by the Saturn and the Playstation. Like it or not this was the first time that Nintendo had a console with a bigger focus on quuality over quantity. Some of the titles for this machine are classed as gaming gold. Mario 64, Goldeneye, Legend Of Zelda Ocerena of Time, I could go on. It was the use of the gaming exclusives that had me scouring the market stalls for what was the lesser popular system. 


We will get into the games in the coming weeks here. But the system itself.. was more advanced then it’s competiton. This is not an advantage the NES and later the WII would have. The system used an VR4300 processor. Similar to the ones seen in Pentium PC’s 4mb Ram was available to the machine and the games came on 64bit cartridges. 

The previous generation had been 16bit console. The Nes was 8bit.


With the 1st party titles included the N64 was a financial success for Nintendo, but it marked the first time that the gaming world swung one pay (PSX) and Nintendo went another. 

Next week we start looking at the games that sold Nintendo’s critically acclaimed system