Retro Reaction 29.0 The outright Stinkers

This set of Retro Reaction comes from a conversation I had at work.

We were looking for absolutely bad films.. Not ironically bad or so bas they’re actually good. But outright stinkers.

A friend and I compared lists. We found that what we each thought was a bad film differed wildly.

Here is my list. Realize that some of these film’s will be loved by many. But number 6, I can’t think off too many redeeming factors.


See No Evil – It’s WWE’s Kane in one of the first WWE Studio’s movies. A horror which.. Was bad. But on re-watch is it bad enough to actually be.. Good?


The Haunting – A late 1990s Horror film. A remake of a classic that decided to let us see (complete with bad CGI) what we should be scared off. This wasn’t a great move.


Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire – I’ll admit to watching A Harry Potter movie if they’re on ITV. But this one went on for so long I just wanted the Dragon to eat him and have done with it. Yes I understand this will probably make me quite unpopular. But this for me was the film that went on far far too long.


Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones – This seems a little out of place on Retro Reaction. It’s actually quite new. But were talking about stinkers right? I love the Paranormal Activity series.. I didn’t like this.


Batman and Robin – This will be in most people’s DVD collection despite being a horrible film. (It’s sold as part of the box set) Maybe it wasn’t so bad.. No it was! But not quite as bad as the last film on the list. The one we both agreed was a huge missed opportunity.


Mario Bros – Despite having Bob Hoskins this one was a VHS stinker. Mainly because… It had nothing to do with the video game except sharing the character licenses. Was it trying to portray the game as some kind of odd sci-fi film.. We didn’t get it!