Retro Reaction #52.4 Lady and the Tramp

Why is this one on my list?
Well I had the VHS many years ago and, I’m a dog guy. I’ve 2 of My own (Mickie and Rocky) and I am totally mad about them.

Here we have a love story where a posh dog, a Spaniel named Lady, is shunned by her owners when a baby arrives. While shunned she meets a tramp dog with the warning. “when the baby moves in, the dog moves out.”

I’ve seen that happen in life sadly too. The film here catches all the characteristics we think we see in our dogs and you end up totally up siding with the talking dogs.

Whilst running off with Tramp (who now I see it reminds me of my old Lab cross in many of his ways). Lady is caught by the dog catchers and learns that the Tramp has had many girlfriends. Here we get the memorable “He’s a tramp but they love him,” song.

So when Lady’s owners rescue her from the pound her and Tramp row. But because this is Disney the Tramp saves them from rat incident at the end and wins himself a place in the posh people’s family!

There’s a tale of rich and poor underneath all this. The Tramps’s lifestyle revolves around catching hen’s, eating scraps and generally having more fun. Lady’s (other dog) friends dislike the Tramp because of where he comes from.

We are back with more Disney talking  Dogs next week when we look at 101 Dalmations

As for this one, it’s a lot to fit in to the 1hr 15mins there. But it’s also nicely animated and a fun tho a bit soppy ride.

Until Next Time
Have a Great Dayyyyyyy!!!!!!