Retro Reaction #52.5 101 Dalmatians 1961

It’s 1961 and Disney have decided to stick with the talking dogs. But that’s ok because the next film is quite an iconic release for them too. The story of Pongo, Permity, and the 101 Dalmatian puppies.

Perhaps, this film is remembered mostly for one thing, it’s Villain Cruella DeVille, and the iconic song about her. Cruella DeVille wants to steal the Dalmatians to make spotted dog fur coats!

The film has a very good rating, and was well received. This was a film that had a much smaller budget than the expensive Sleeping Beauty too. Also it has cameos from Lady and the Tramp. This was a cinematic universe before that phrase was used or that shared universes were even a thing…

Perhaps a lot of these took place in the same world? Now I wonder if I can find more evidence? Perhaps that’s a reaction for another time.

Now for the (few) negatives. Everyone will tell you these films are five star classics and are for younger children and I’m sure they still are. Thanks to the hand drawn animation they will never really go out of style either. But in this film perhaps a little more than most. It sounds old fashioned.
By this I don’t mean the writing is particularly old fashioned. It’s more that you can tell this was made decades ago. The Dalmatians talk a bit like your granny.

That being said… It’s fun and young children will love it likely as much as you did the first time you saw it. Which really is all that matters isn’t it?

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