Retro Reaction #58.0 Adam West 1928 – 2017 The Red Phone Goes Unanswered


Usually this is where I declare what’s coming in the next set of Reaction. But this is a special case. This is a stand alone.

On June 11th I got a call from I3T. Adam West, or Mr Batman to you and I had passed away.

I never met Mr West. He signed a book for me ordered from but here’s something you may not know.

Without Adam West there may not have been a Beware the Spaceman (however would you all cope?).

When I was young I was (as many children are) obsessed with superhero’s (I largely still am). I really wanted to see the Batman 1989 film. Sadly the film had a 15 certificate and Daddy Analyst would not let me see that version right away. So I watched Adam West’s Batman. We had a recorded from TV VHS tape, and it was regularly replayed to the point that I’m pretty sure it broke.

When I did finally see Batman 1989, I thought West and Romero had done this better. When it came to the film with the Riddler I knew that the 60s was my Batman. Gorshin had made a much better Riddler and the original despite it’s light approach could not be beaten.

I’m going to forward a few years. It’s 2003, and I’m in a university class. Not one I’d made many friends in I do admit. A student has been kept behind a year, so I’m paired with this new student. It crops up in conversation that he is a Batman fan. I tell him I’ve been recording the old series from the TV, and he would very much like to borrow these tapes. The Student was of course was I3T and the constant debate of light Adam West Batman Vs I3T’s Preferred Darker Knight would continue through many years, podcasts and columns. In fact below is a clickable list of all our previous Batman 66 articles that were featured right here at Reaction.

Within that year isthisthetruth was launched and included guest columns from The Mongoose 3.1 entity.. This was Spaceman before Spaceman. It’s like Super Mario Bros 4 being rebranded Super Mario World.. Or when the WWF became the WWE. Spaceman is isthisthetruth 2.0. and the rebrand has fooled no one!
But It all started from one conversation… That discussion about Batman 66

We were one of the voices calling for West to be Batman one more time and in 2016 we got that. We are lucky enough to have one more west to come too.

I am saddened that there will be no more animated adventures to come after this year but content that Batman 66 has left a hell of a legacy! One that love it or hate it will be forever part of the caped crusaders history. It’s all thanks to some sharp scripts and those regular and guest stars back in the 60s.

My thoughts are with his family.
For now the red phone goes unanswered.
Thank you Adam West… Thank you Batman.. And Goodbye

The Analyst


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