Retro Reaction #58.1 Emcon / Yorkshire Cosplay Con Set

Welcome To Reaction #58.1 and firstly sorry it’s a few hours late. Reaction has been early on a Friday every Friday now for a long time.. Due to other stuff (Holiday, and The Adam West article taking last weeks position) I’m typing this just as Friday is about to leave us… But it should be with you today if only by minutes.

58.2 The Simsons Arcade, TMNT Arcade – These two arcade unit’s have kept us busy. The latest being the Simsons arcade game at the Yorkshire Cosplay Con. Two classic beat em up’s.. on classic licences. But is unlimited play.. a good thing here?

58.3 Super Mario World on Arcade, Pac Man on Atari  – Here are two home consoles that were on display at Yorkshire Cosplay Con. Firstly an arcade unit playing classic SNES titles. I’m told this was initially a release that you paid to play by the minute in an arcade.. Seriously…. By the Minute!

58.4   A look at the The re Release consoles  – Bit of a Retro Return with this one,  Both Emcon and Cosplay Con displayed re release units. New Genisis’s  (Mega Drive) and… I even saw one of the few re release NES systems.

58.5  Dalek 2005 – Sure as they’re in every Doctor Who series.. So to do they appear at every conversion.  This week we look at.. What in my humble opinion.. Is the best Dalek Episode of the new era

58.6 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie  – EM-Con had both original Red and Blue Rangers… As well as Ivan Oooze. Reunited from the big screen 1995 film Power Rangers. Not to be confused with a 2017 one..

Until Next Week..  and Hopefully earlier in the Day

Have a Great Dayyyyyy!!!!!