Retro Reaction #58.3 Super Mario Bros 3 in Arcade?!, Pac Man on Atari

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Still looking at the gaming displays from Emcon and Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017. Kicking things off we are going to take a look at my first console. The one I can only just remember, the Atari 2600. The game on play at Emcon this year was the 2600 version of Pac Man on a mini (releases) Atari 2600.

Pac man, most gaming fans know is one of the all time classic and most famous of games. Run round a maze eating and avoiding the ghosts. It’s brilliant.

Well the Atari 2600 version was my introduction to Pac Man. Before the NES version and before I stumbled across an arcade version. So I had nothing to graphically compare my Atari 2600 version too.
It seems odd comparing graphics on a game like Pac Man because arguably the game isn’t about the graphics. That said the port looked ugly. There is no getting around that. Thankfully it played just as brilliantly frustratingly as it does anywhere else. It’s Pac Man only it looks worse!


At Yorkshire Cosplay Con I came across a machine playing Super Mario Bros 3. Yep.. The NES Title. I know in the synthesis for the blog I had put world. But no the was Mario Bros 3 and some research tells me that I was looking at one of the few Players Choice 10 Arcade Machines.

These WERE officially distributed by Nintendo, each with 10 different NES titles on them (Not always the same titles). You didn’t get to play the machine until the game ended. Nope, these machines as I3T informed me, you paid for how many minutes you would be playing the machine…

I was scratching my head to see the point of this one. Not as it stood in front of me at the con. In that respect it is a piece of gaming history. More at the time. Was this the 80s Version of a playable Demo?
I know during the 90s the Arcade was a way of playing machines that were greater than what you could afford at home. The equivalent of seeing a film at the cinema I guess. Going somewhere to play a game you could be playing at home seemed a little.. Odd.

I bet it didn’t stop the coins rolling in though, But I’m glad that Nintendo continue to make stand alone Arcade titles. It’s a dying tradition I know but Arcade releases should be short play fun and different to the home experience. On my last trip to the seaside Mario Kart, Silent Hill Arcade and Time Crisis got my 50p coins

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