Retro Reaction #9.3 Pac Man – Outsmarting the little buggers


I go unashamed in saying that this simple game is one of my favorite pick up and play titles of all times. I came across a Pacman clone before coming across the real deal. The clone was the exorcist on the Commodore 16+4. No it was nothing to do with the film. But alas I discovered the real pac man and even today if I find it in an arcade Pac man is munching my 20p


The game involves making your way round a maze eating little dots while avoiding ghosts. The dots you eat increase your score. Also there are little pills in the maze. If you eat them you become invincible to the ghosts for a short amount of time. If you are really quick you can gobble up the ghosts and increase your score.


This game is iconic, perhaps only slightly less so to space invaders. I am biased however and prefer Mr Pac Man to the aliens. This game is simple but so addictive. Namco have made it available on pretty much any format you could think of and the ones its not available for there will be a clone or a free alternative.



The game is so simple but so utterly playable. The ghosts can not switch direction so you soon find yourself trying to find quick ways of outsmarting the little bugger to get the points. The game also teases you with fruit usually appearing in the middle of the maze. Right in spook central.


Much like previous games the competitiveness comes from a leader board. I’m at nearly 200 000 on the PS3 Mini version (which tragically only has an offline leader board).


Over the years Pac Man has tried to reinvent himself. He tried to become a Mario style platformer in Pac Land, a 3D platformer in Pac World on the PS2. But what pac man is best at is what he has always been best at! Collecting little dots round a maze.


Mr Pacman that is all you ever need to do for me..



Have a great Dayyyyyyyyy