The Forbidden Window: An Update

It’s not been long since I passed The Forbidden Window to my long suffering test readers. 


I don’t envy these guys. They have the job of very much making the bad news sound good! Or at least kindly tell me if I am making a fool of myself.

Drew El read through the book quickly, he came back with a number of plot points that needed looking into. Thankfully he reported nothing to game breaking in there and was positive for the story. So I was thrilled to hear that. 


My Nan read the book in one day and reported a few issues with word use (again nothing game breaking). These have been corrected now too. 


I3T has been tremendously helpful throughout the writing process. (Very often I have called him during the writing process and bounced a few ideas off him. He also knows the overall story arch for the Seagulls series)


The cover has been shared with these guys. 

There’s still a little way to go, but we are on course for the Forbidden Window’s release..

In the meantime Hiding From Seagulls is available from the links bellow (and many other places eBooks are sold)


Hiding from Seagulls book One is available FREE on Smashwords Here

And £0.77p right now, on the Amazon Kindle Here