The Forbidden Window – FreeGulls Weekend! June 14th and 15th

Hiding From Seagulls Book 2 – The Forbidden Window  will be FREE for both Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of June. Anyone who read the earlier book Hiding from Seagulls  will know to expect an odd mix of old style adventure with tongue in cheek humour. 


Tommy, Simon, Madeline, Rob and the Man Bear are back for a second “old school” adventure. 

When Tommy loads a cassette tape into an old computer he is transported back to the world he accidentally destroyed. Reunited with his friends they must put aside their personal differences and problems as they head into battle against the brave Count Douglass. 

Nature spirit Yallery Brown tells them they can go home after the battle, but can he be trusted? And what is behind the forbidden window? 

The Forbidden window is the second book in the Hiding From Seagulls series. (Recommended for Children age 10 and up)

Join us for this “FreeGulls” event by heading over HERE on June 14th or 15th and Downloading The Forbidden Window to your Kindle (or other reading advice via the kindle app) The book is appropriate for anyone aged 10 or over.