The Forbidden Window Released on Amazon

I am happy to let you know that The Forbidden Window, the second book in the Hiding from Seagulls series is now available.

A little Earlier than expected too! I was aiming for June and we got it out there at the end of May. If you enjoyed the first installment then I think you will like this one.


Coming back to Tommy, Simon,, Madeline, Rob and the Man Bear was fun. It reminded me a lot of when I used to find a new Enid Blyton Five book at a car boot  sale as a child. There’s some Retro Reaction right there I think!


I would like to think that the Seagulls series sends a good moral message as well as being an old school adventure. The values of forgiveness and friendships for example are quite prominent throughout the books. Like most friends young or old it’s not always good going.


Stay here with the Spaceman for some more Seagulls news later in the week


The Forbidden Window is available Here (UK) and Here (US) – for other territories I urge you to check your local Amazon affiliate. 

Hiding from Seagulls is available Here (UK) and Here (US) and FREE from Smashwords Here