The Road to WrestleMania: Travel Advice For anyone planning a Mania trip

Wrestlemania 32 has happened. I know, I was there, there along with the 101,763 other people. Yes that numbers disputed but there wasn’t an empty seat that I could see.

Anyway, this blog has always been about the road to WrestleMania. There’s a couple of entry’s to come yet. But this week I’m going to use my first WrestleMania live experience to share with you what I’ve learned about planning a trip of this magnitude.

Don’t– Book too many Wrestling related shows over the weekend. This is just from my experience. I think every WrestleMania journey will be unique. We had Axxess at 8am, Jim Ross’s talk at 4pm, then the Mercury Rising indie show at 8pm on Saturday. This was too much. Unless you regularly attend a lot of indie event’s it will be tiring.

Don’t – Flight’s that have loads of connections are cheaper. But unless you’re a good flyer (which I’m not) these are a false economy.

Do – Bring a pen. Not just autographs, there are customs forms to fill out etc. Stuff that would have been so much easier with a biro in the hand luggage.

Do – When trying to get Ticket’s use a VPN so it seems like your IP address is American. For some reason it was much harder to get tickets from going to

Do Join or read an online forum. I used thread on WrestleMania travel and their advice was incredibly helpful

Do – Lot’s of planning. I’m talking where your hotel is in relation to public transport. If you’re hiring a car or booking a shuttle it’s a good idea to sort all this in advance. I’m certainly glad I did.

Next time.
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