Using an alternative Install CD, and Post Installation

This is probably a good thing to have on standby. With the latest versions of Ubuntu it’s very unlikely that the straight forward install CD won’t work. But if that is the case try the alternative install PC.


What’s an alternative install like? Well pretty similar to the regular or even a Windows install but with a little more hand holding. The good thing here is that the alternative install will give you options (in my case using a primitive graphics setup until I could download the latest Nvidia driver.


The alternative install is going to ask you the same questions of country, region, keyboard layout etc.

The need for the alternative install CD won’t be needed in 90% of cases. But is a handy back up to have. In my case it ment, after a little while of waiting I was introduced to Ubuntu 11.04’s Desktop and my first experience with Unity. (More on Unity next week.)


Once I had installed Ubuntu I did what any self respecting computer owner would do, headed straight for the internet to check that my connection was working. Thankfully all was well.. until it came to Youtube. This brings me to what I needed to do after installation was complete.


The video wouldn’t play and I did exactly as I had on Windows, followed the link to flash player and try to install. It didn’t work. Here is the easiest way to get youtube and flash content after install.

Head to the software center (it’s locked on the left task bar in all Ubuntu Natty installs) and search for flash plugin. You will find the appropriate plug in. Next you will find you need that password you gave during install.

The password is important in the Linux OS. Without it you won’t be able to add or remove programs!

There’s not a lot else needed post install. Though it maybe an idea to turn your firewall on (unless you plan on using it as a media server more on that in the coming weeks).


I found no need to find and download an antivirus software. So far I haven’t been plagued with mall-ware. The system runs smoothly and at this point in time I was very happy with the boot up time.

This trade off came at a cost though. A cost I will go into more next week