WCW June 1997 -DDP Vs Savage, N.W.O WCW Rivalry explodes with debut’s


The month started continuing the rivalry between the four horseman and the N.W.O

Ric Flair defeated Scott Hall by disqualification in a great match on 2nd June edition of Nitro.

Jeff Jarrett was with the horseman but was still “on trial” as the storyline went.

The majourly hyped match of this rivalry took place at the Bash was the Tag Team Champions the outsiders to face Piper and Flair for the Tag Titles. This ended with a victory for Hall and Nash


On one of the few non N.W.O related new story’s Glacier was showcased strongly. Although the character was a Mortal Kombat rip off the gimmick was not dissimilar to some of the ideas the WWF had pushed a few years earlier when the Power Rangers had been a massive influence in children’s TV. The mimicking of a Mortal Kombat character was interesting as it showed the demographic that WCW was now looking for


For the greater part of last month the WCW champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan had not been on weekly television. On June 9th edition of Nitro he made his return to the ring. It was an impromptu non title match against Luger where Luger managed to get the crowd going with a win despite interference from Hogan’s N.W.O team mates.


The featured feud was between DDP now becoming one of WCW’s top stars against an N.W.O Randy Savage. The push of DDP lead some to criticize and speculate that the reason DDP was getting pushed was because of his friendship with Bishoff outside of the ring. To many (myself included) it did not matter, it was nice to see a fresh face in the WCW main event picture. Among constant arguments to who had the better side the WCW or the N.W.O DDP and Sting were regularly seen as the top players on the WCW side of things.


The Great American Bash saw great action again from the under card. In particular the cruiser weight devision at this time and the tag teams. The card saw two teams now seen as legendary square off . Harlem Heat and the Steiner Brothers. The respective titles however were N.W.O dominated.




The N.W.O Vs WCW rivalry broke down at the end of the month. Nitro on 30th June 1997 featured a six man tag team match. DDP, Luger and the Giant went against Savage, Hall and Nash. World Champion Hogan attacked the Giant. More members of the N.W.O ran down to the ring. Fake Sting ran down to help the N.W.O then the real Sting came down and cleared the ring. At the very same time Raven who had debut that night jumped the barricade and Kurt Henning known to WWF fans as Mr Perfect was stood on the ramp. With this chaotic scene Nitro went off the air. WCW always did chaos very well.