WCW Monday Nitro -March 1997 WCW fans finally get some answers from Sting


WCW was well ahead in the ratings now and they must have felt a little bit of confidence. Because through march many of their big names did not appear on weekly episodes of Monday Nitro. This was not entirely a bad thing however. Because many of the wrestlers that made Nitro great were wrestling each week.


They were not the central storyline. The N.W.O Vs WCW angle raged on as Nitro hyped a high stakes tag match to take place at Uncensored. The Event would see team WCW VS N.W.O VS Team Piper. Yeah it seemed a little confusing. Pipers team was to consist of two non wrestlers. His team mates were a kick boxer and a boxer however the advertised names were changed six days before the PPV to be Piper with members of the four horseman faction. The match also had a lot of stipulations.


If the N.W.O were to win they could challenge for any title they wanted at some point in the future. If team WCW won all the titles the N.W.O had won would be stripped from them. If Piper won than he would get Hogan the N.W.O’s evil leader inside of a steel cage. The N.W.O attacked one of the Steiner brothers who were due to be on team WCW making the fight unfair. The N.W.O got the victory after Savage used spray paint on Luger. Hogan capitulated and the N.W.O won.


My opinion on this wold be that the WCW stipulation was reaching too high. There was no way the N.W.O were going to loose all the titles like that. But this is WCW we are talking about. I thought Pipers team were the most likely to walk away with the victory.


After the match Sting cut the N.W.O celebration short when he came out and attacked all four members of the N.W.O team.


It was strong booking for Sting. Up until this point he had not shown allegiance with either the WCW or the N.W.O. His appearances had been tests to the WCW wrestlers and the N.W.O. Recently he had been seen around the N.W.O fueling speculation that he maybe with the heel faction.


Despite the fact that another WCW PPV ended with an N.W.O victory WCW fans finally had some answers on Sting. Whats more the answers made sense and were a little more exciting. Sure enough the next few months would turbulent for the N.W.O faction. Which made it quite an exciting time to be a WCW fan.