Faction Wars,WCW November 1995 – Hogan burns a “Rag sheet” on stage and War Games


WCW in November 1995 continued the faction wars between Hogan’s and the Dungeon. Team
wars was a formula WCW would use very successfully in during their run.


November also saw the birth of WCW’s answer to the Royal Rumble. Named World War 3.

Because the royal Rumble format belonged to the WWF WCW lacked a unique multi man match.
Their response was to go bigger. The contest saw three rings set up simultaneously. Sixty men were
to compete in a battle royal. Twenty in each ring. Then once they were down to thirty men they
would move to the central ring. Because of the controversy last month it was announced that the
winner would become the new world heavyweight champion. WCW fans (and there were a lot a the
time) saw World War 3 as a shot at the WWF with fact that they had enough talent to double the
size of the Royal Rumble.


The focus through November was also in Luger. Having been Nitro’s big signing on the first Nitro
then turning heel shortly afterwards he walked the line between heel and face. He retained his
friendship with Sting on screen playing off the two’s real life friendship. Yet at the same time he
was a member of the Dungeon and enemies with Hogan and Randy Savage.

Luger and Savage had another match at World War 3. Luger defeated Savage then refused to
release the hold. His friend Sting ran to the ring and talked him into releasing the hold much to the
disapproval of the Dungeon faction.


Again with Nitro the best action was from the under card which included Benoit and Guerrero.

At the start of the World War 3 event Hogan delivered a promo where he burned his black ring
attire stating that his colours were red and yellow all the way. He stated that he was loyal to fellow
face wrestlers Sting and Savage. He then produced a copy of the wrestling observer magazine. He
labeled it a rag sheet (which is still what wrestlers are said to call wrestling related media). Hogan
claimed the observers news on Savage been injured and the Giant was to win the battle royal.


(The 1996 branding is not an error on our part but a WCW mistake on the branding of their VHS case. And people say Nitro had no organisation)




Savage did win the battle royal and became the champion. Hogan did not loose cleanly. The giant
pulled him under the ropes. The referee did not see this and declared Hogan eliminated.